Best New Features of iPhone 6

features of iPhone 6

We have seen the iPhone 6 loom larger and less blurry, leak after leak in the months leading up to the big unveil. The leaks were spot on for a change and we will get iPhone 6 in two sizes 4.7 inches as well as a 5.5 inch. Below are the 5 best new features of iPhone 6 that add zing to the already stellar iPhone 5S.

1. Retina HD

features of iPhone 6

Apple has done better itself in the buzzwords game. The new Retina HD screen is an ultra thin IPS display with 326ppi pixel density for iPhone 6, ability to do wide range viewing angles.

The iPhone 6 Plus comes with 1334×750 pixel screen, and for the initial time on the iPhone, a full-HD 1920 x 1080 screen on the iPhone 6 Plus.

According to specs, this isn’t truly astonishing when you examine Samsung, LG and Oppo’s Quad HD displays at 446 ppi . Logically, it gives knowledge, as it worths more CPU to push Quad HD images to a visual as that is as sharp as a 1080p screen to the naked eye.

2. Ion strengthened screen

features of iPhone 6

It isn’t Gorilla Glass or Sapphire screen as rumoured ! It’s a brand new ion strengthened screen. As there are no details perfectly on this peculiar new screen technology, that curves neatly around the sides of the iPhone.

If we get it, we must have more details on this Ion technology. Since it makes iPhone harder to break, we are good.

3. 2nd generation 64-Bit processors

features of iPhone 6


At the time the Android world is still struggling in the dark for a 64-bit processor, the only notable next step in mobile technology, Apple has bettered its superb A7 processor with the A8, using a 20nm manufacturing process.

Additionally, Apple asserts that it will perform better over a longer period of time.

4. Metal, 3D app and game engine

features of iPhone 6

In an amazing move, Apple revealed the Metal API for game developers to take advantage of in pushing the graphical envelope of their games. Steve Jobs are not big on gaming for years and Bungie story is the biggest specimen of that.

Despite, it is great to see Tim Cook making big strides into gaming territory, mainly since the App Store has some of the best games on mobile devices to date.

5. M8, Motion co-processor health chip

features of iPhone 6

Apple’s M8 health chip has gotten better,and capable of measuring relative distance and elevation, and can tell the change in cycling and run.

At the time elevation helps in tracking the number of steps you climb, the Nike+ app was shown visually relative elevation on hikes by using the barometer too.

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