Best Useful 4 Android Apps

Best 4 Android Apps

In our everyday life, we use multiple apps with a lot of features to make our tasks and day easier. These apps are designed to minimize our daily works. For instance, there are many private apps and bank apps to transfer money to another person quickly. You can find a lot of apps with different features on the Internet. Whatsapp Payment is now available for Indian users on both iOS and Android based on India’s Unified Payment Interface(UPI). This long-awaited feature will directly allow users to send and receive money via Whatsapp. Google Play Store has many apps and some apps are more useful to our day to day life. Let’s look at 4 Android apps that you didn’t use yet.

Vehicle Details:

Car Info Android App

Using Car Info app you can get all the owner’s information through the number plate of any vehicle such as a car or bike. First, you need to download and install this app on your smartphone. Then click on the number plate search in which you will need to type the number of the vehicle and you can easily find the vehicle owner name and details.

Pocket TV:

The Pocket TV application is available in the Google Play store. Using this app, any TV channels can be viewed live. Particularly, South India channels are featured in this application.

Paint color:

Paint Color Visualizer App

Next, let’s see the visualizer application. If you want to paint a new paint for your home, you can choose this visualizer app. It gives you the choice of suitable paint color for your home. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store and use it is very simple.

Mobile Data:

Internet Data manager

When using the Internet data on your smartphone, you can avoid some of the apps that run unnecessarily. With the Internet guard-app, it can save your data very simply. You can download the app in Google Play Store and use it.

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