Best 3 Uses Of Second Email Address

Uses Of Second Email Address

You maybe have a second email address which you use it for blocking spam and other trash that you no need in your primary inbox but not only that reason you should keep an another address for yourself. Below are three different ways you can keep a second email account for best use.

1.Save your read it late articles

Uses Of Second Email Address

Never mind pocket or Instapaper , needs a second email address to save all those long reads you’re ultimately going to get about to.  Email the links directly to the address or else use some built-in tools (such as the ones in Inbox by Gmail ) to line up your articles.

IFTTT (If This Then That) can help out here. It is likely to set up triggers when you save something to pocket or Instapaper, or whenever you want to like or share a link on Twitter, or when you will bookmark a post on Medium, and send the URL to your email address.
  2.     Set up a private social network                                       Keep in mind you not only have the one accessing but also this alternative email account you are created. You can simply share your login details with your friends, family or colleagues from office giving you a lot of options.Uses Of Second Email Address

Probably the most noticeable one is allowing you to create a private social network for relatives, especially if you want to share photos of the kids that you don’t want to see the world wider. Most email clients have become an attractive expert at showing incoming images and videos.

3.Manage all your Travels

Uses Of Second Email Address

These are the 3 most uses of Second Email Address which don’t involve spam.

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