Building Your Own Website



 Introduction: This tutorial helps you to build your own website including SME and personal websites in 3 steps those are easy to follow.


  1. Sign up for hosting and domain
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Adding content in few pages.

The creation of website tutorial is intended for learners with PHP as well as little or no HTML knowledge.

The Website existence has fast become the use for business and netizens. It is a no-brainer for the people living existing in this era to browse for website or business of yours as they should need to know more about your products or you. Yet, it’s quite expensive to ask development companies and web design to build your web design.

If you don’t have coding skills there is no way to design a website, But is there any way to build your own website?

Build Your Own Website

Yes, there’s a way ! if you know the procedure to post images to your Facebook account or to browse websites then it is very simple to create your own website.

It takes only an hour to run your first website. Of course, if you like to have an excellent website you need to put more effort in writing the best content.

The good news we have is that the technical part is NOT difficult. Everybody can do it. It isn’t expensive as either you can have a website for as low as $4.95 per month  provided by or as low as $3.89 per month provided by A2 Hosting (you need to pay for the domain separately at around US$14.5 per year).

The 3 steps involved to create your own website easy and  fast as the following diagram summaries that will be discussed step by step:


Step 1: Domain & Hosting

There are two jargons here as you know they are domain and hosting.

You may think domain as the website name, For example,  The name of this website  is edward-designer whereas .com is the suffix to my domain (that is the normal suffix to many personal websites and commercial as others include .org, .idv, .net etc. that are not so common )

At the time of selecting your domain, be sure to:

  • make it concise and precise
  • make it memorable

Domains are registered on the basis of first come first served. Sometimes you like to have domain that has been registered by others. In such case, you should contact the domain owner and ask them to sell the ownership to you which may cost over US$1,000. It’s more advisable to select the domain not taken by others.

Hosting means computer server connected to the internet. It is the actual location where your website sits. You can actually host a domain on your own system provided that you have correctly set up all the security and technical  details, have a fast enough internet connection and your system is never shut off.

Normally the domain cost is US$10.00 a year while that of hosting is around $60.00 per year. These two have to be maintained and applied separately and you should handle some advanced settings such as domain name server etc.

Fortunately, the both and  A2 Hosting allow you to manage all of these in 1 account.

In, it is as low as US$4.95 per month (with pre-payment of 3 years), you get a domain name of your selection and an unlimited hosting space. You can cancel at anytime to get a refund for not used services is the best.

You can get unlimited hosting for a monthly fee with A2 Hosting is as low as US$3.89 (By using coupon code:WHTPRIME, please activate the discount here and then click “Web Hosting” on the menu bar). You can also get a domain name of your selection for an extra of US$14.5 per year.

After adding costs together, for both the monthly fee for the both A2 Hosting and Bluehost is about the same.

If you need a smaller down payment, you can pay  US$6.95 x 12 for a year pre-payment. Though there are some extra services that require additional payment, you can uncheck those and have your hosting and domain name at the lowest price.

Step 2: WordPress Installation

WordPress is a kind of free software that allows you to edit the contents of the website instantly those are termed as Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the most familiar CMS that powers almost 20% of all website on the internet.

The best part of and A2 Hosting is that you can install a WordPress in a click. WordPress allows you to modify your website such as using Microsoft Word. Even if you don’t know anything about HTML and CSS, still you can make your own website look professional.

For Bluehost, in the admin panel of your hosting, Move to MOJO Marketplace and find WordPress, Tap the ‘install’ button and after a minute or so, you will have a working website. It is even easy for A2 Hosting as you will be asked if you would like to install WordPress during signup.

You have literally built a website by now as you can visit your domain in the web browser.


Step 3: Add Contents

There are many beautifully crafted WordPress themes available. You can purchase more professional ones or you can use the free ones with another click of the mouse. Many themes allow you to customise the color, logo, background etc with the simple interface.


Through WordPress, you can add your own contents as it is as easy as editing a document in word.  Go to the “Pages” section in the interface of admin and click “Add New” to add new pages or go to the “Posts” section to add a blog post.


Page and Post in WordPress are same in nature, you may think of a Page as a web page whose contents will remain quite similar for all the time (e.g. about, contact) while a Post is a webpage of the blog.

Normally, a website should have a homepage, a product page, about page, a Contact page and a blog. Then click on the “Appearance” -> “Menus” to sort your pages and posts as menu items. A complete website is born!

If you need further explanation or a step by step procedure, read how to create a website guide. You can also find more WordPress related tutorial in the WordPress section of this website.

After an hour of hard work, you shall have built your own website which is now accessible to your users and friends (it might take around a day for the people on the other side of the globe to reach it for some technical reasons).

You should be proud of this great achievement! Build your own website is not difficult, right?

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