Change the color and size of the mouse pointer in Windows

Many users don’t wish to use the regular mouse pointer due to size, color,and it looks simple. Some say that it is unrecognizable and they want it to be more “alive”. So for all these issues we have the solution. We can change the size and color of the mouse pointer in Windows 10. So let’s see the procedure below how we can change.

How to change the mouse pointer size and color from the Control Panel

One method is to perform this customization from the Control Panel. Right Click on Start button in the windows 10 and then choose control panel.
Open the Ease of Access section in the Control Panel window.

Mouse Pointer
In the Ease of Access, click or tap on the “Change how your mouse works” link to open the mouse cursor customization window.

Mouse Pointer

Next, a window named “Make the mouse easier to use” will open. Here you can find different mouse options with color and size. You can see in the below picture we have given.

Mouse Pointer

In the mouse pointers section,you can choose from three different cursor colors and from three different sizes for each color. The third one has an inverting effect which changes your mouse color depending on what color you are hovering over. Choose the size and color that you want to use and click or tap OK to apply your changes.

How to change the mouse pointer size and color from the Settings app

The second method we can do by using the settings app in Windows 10. The easiest way to open the Settings in windows is simply by holding the Windows+I key combination.

Mouse Pointer

In the left column from Ease of Access, click or tap on Mouse. On the right side of the window, you will see three sections: pointer size, pointer color and mouse keys. The first two allow you to combine the mouse pointer size and color from three available options for each section.

Mouse Pointer

Select the pointer size and color that you want to use. Once you have finished your selections, you can close Settings as they immediately get applied without pressing any Save button.
How to Change them in PC settings.
Open PC settings.

Mouse Pointer

Choose Ease of Access to enter its settings .

Mouse Pointer
Click Mouse, and choose new pointer size and color in the options.
The mouse pointer is one of the things you’ll always see on your Windows desktop. That’s why you should customize its size and color so that you can easily see it on your screen. And, as you’ve seen from this article, doing that in Windows 10 is a simple process, that can be performed either from the old-school Control Panel or from the newer Settings app.