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YouTube Tricks
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YouTube is one of the best websites on the net that everyone likes to get in to watch videos and movies. There are millions of viewers on YouTube for watching the videos. Anyone can post videos on the YouTube and people can even have channels on their names if they have a huge number of viewers. Whatever, everyone might not be completely aware of all the things about YouTube. So here are we to let you know some of the tricks about YouTube which you might not know.

1. How to make GIFs:

It is quite simple to make GIFs. Just type “gif” before the YouTube URL. This will lead you to the YouTube to GIF website. Here you can give a title to the GIF and set the length of the GIF you want to create.

2. How to find your favorite artist’s page:

How to find your favourite artist’s page

This is one of the tricks about YouTube that most YouTubers will search for. Usually, we type the name of our favorite artists to view their page. Typing simply their name will take to a page where all the people have posted the artist’s posts. But that’s not what actually we want. Actually, it’s not at all tough to find your favorite artist’s page on YouTube. It’s just that we have to type “#” followed by the artist’s name. This will direct you to the respective artist’s page. It will give you their full album.

3. How to find tracks for karaoke:

How to find tracks for karaoke

Karaoke is a video game or a form of entertainment in which an amateur singer sings along with the recorded music. It displays the lyrics along with the music. Musixmatch is one of the apps that is free for Chrome. It provides subtitles for the music videos. The karaoke has millions of users and viewers. It contains lyrics of more than 7 million songs in 32 different languages.

4. How To find out what song is playing in a video:

How to find out what song is playing in a video is a Software app that helps you identify the music in YouTube videos. You have to copy the video link from YouTube and paste it in the space provided in the app. This will give you the song being played on YouTube.

5. How to use theater mode:

How to use Theatre Mode

Activating the theater mode is just a click away. just click on the rectangular box on the bottom right corner of the video being played. That’s all!

6. How To use Autoplay:

How to use Autoplay

This is also about just a switch to be turned ON. You can see a toggle switch which shows Autoplay on its left. Just drag or toggle the switch, autoplay will be activated. Now you need not play every video that follows. Turning this switch ON will automatically play all the videos on that particular page one after one.

7. Checking Definition of a video:

How to check the definition of a video

The Video Quality Report program from Google allows you to check the quality of videos which your provider offers.

8. How to use the new YouTube layout:

How to use the new YouTube layout

Go to and select the Try out the redesigned YouTube player function. You’ll be able to test experimental features.

9. Watch YouTube on our TV:

Usually, we watch YouTube videos on the smartphone or tablet. Sometimes we might wish to see the videos on a large screen like a smart TV. But do you think it is possible? Yes! Of course, we can see. We can watch YouTube video via a Wi-Fi enabled smart TV.

To do this, open YouTube on your device, launch a video and then find your TV’s WiFi through the app. Your device should only be connected to that one Wi-Fi network. It normally finds it automatically, and it can even be done manually.

10. Share a video from a certain point:

How to share a video from a certain point

Press the control key and right-click the mouse. Now select the option to share a video to another website which starts at a point other than the beginning.

11. How to make YouTube safe for kids:

How to make YouTube safe for your kids

There is an app specially for children. For iOS, it is “YouTube Kids” app whereas for Android, it offers videos which are suitable for children to watch.

12. Optimize YouTube for a slow connection:

How to optimise YouTube for a slow connection

A slow connection of the network or the Internet will never be interesting to watch a video. But what can be done to get rid of this problem and watch a YouTube video?

Go to and click on the second option under the video playback quality saying “I have a slow connection. Never play high-quality video”.

13. How to quickly find a specific video you’re looking for:


We often type only the words about which we are looking for on YouTube. Instead of just typing only the required letters or words, adding the following words to your search terms will help you get the particular result:

  • “channel” or “playlist”;
  • “HD” for higher definition videos, or “3D” for videos in 3D;
  • add quotation marks and the plus and minus signs in order to get more refined search results.

14. Conversion of a YouTube audio track into an MP3:

How to turn a YouTube audio track into an MP3

Go to the Peggo website: and type the audio track which you want to convert to MP3 and click on enter. You can have the MP3 of that audio track.

15. How to make your own video playlist:

How to make your own video playlist

The site Solon can combine videos from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as audio files from SoundCloud, into one playlist.

16. How to watch a video in a ‘floating’ window:

Floating YouTube is an app for Chrome which lets you play a YouTube video in a window which ‘floats’ above the rest of the screen. This will allow you to get on with other things simultaneously.

17. How to change the speed of the video:

How to change the speed of a video

If you click on the gear symbol in the bottom right corner of any video on YouTube, you can change its speed. Slowing down a video can be very useful when you are watching instructions on how to do something.

18. How to keep activity private:

How to keep activity private

If you are registered on YouTube, go to privacy settings and check the boxes to make sure no one can see what channels you subscribe to.

19. How to download videos from YouTube:

How to download videos from YouTube

There are several sites and apps for Chrome to help you download videos. But we suggest you one of the best sites:

Savefrom.Net is one of the fastest and free YouTube downloaders. You simply have to copy the video link, and it won’t take long.

20. How to get rid of adverts:

How to get rid of adverts

Google Chrome users can install the Adblock for YouTube extension. Now you’ll be able to watch videos without any waiting.

These are some of the tricks about YouTube that may help you in using it. Go through all the tricks about YouTube to watch YouTube videos at its best.

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