Tricks For Windows Beginners

The below given are easy and secret windows tips and tricks to save your time.

1. Hidden Powers And Secret Time Savers:

10 Secret Windows Tips

Time is valuable and the money and even if you hit abruptly down in front of your PC for hobby or fun projects, each unwanted click may irritate you and bump into burns away of your valuable seconds of time.

No one wants to waste their time endlessly over menus. Don’t Fear PC world has the cure. Take the given 15 secret windows tricks to update your computer experience and eliminate small irritations that outing you up entire the day. You no need to call me in the morning.

2. Launch Task Bar Programs With Your KeyBoard:                                                                    10 Secret Windows Tips
Many people especially users use start menu-less for Windows 8-use the Windows taskbar as a fast launch bar and populating it with our daily programs. Opening those programs is as simple as clicking on them, but actually, there is another method to open as quick to open software on your taskbar: simple keyboard combination.

For every program to the right of the start button is assigned its own numerical shortcut, for the first program as ‘1’ and for the second program as ‘2’ and so on all the way to the 10th taskbar shortcut which gets  “0”. Pressing the Windows key and the number of the program which you want to releases it. For example in the at left pressing win|+3 opens the Chrome browser.

3. Quickly Launch A New Instance Of Program:

10 Secret Windows Tips

The Taskbar icons are also used to launch quickly a second (third ,or fourth…) or illustration of a program- a fresh browser window next an already populated one, for occurrence or another window explorer.

Doing so is easy:  Just hold on shift button, open the programs as you would normally, either through a left click of the mouse or the previously mentioned quick –launch keyboard trick. Boom! A latest, clean version of the software appears next to the one you have already open.

4. Copy A file path to the clip path:                                                                                                  10 Secret Windows Tips

Why would you always want to copy a file path to the windows clipboard? Well, you might want to tell someone that how to browse to a common location for the application. I still use it to spot the local file I have found using windows explorer, so it will be cleaned later- to upload photos in the Facebook or document attachments to Outlook emails, for the occurrence.

If you want to copy a file path to your clipboard, hold down shift key, and right-click on the file or folder you want, then select the newly opened one and “ copy as path”  now you can paste the information where you want-adding the file name  portion of  Browser  dialogue boxes with no additional browsing required.

5. Additional secret Right click options:

10 Secret Windows Tips

The Secret right click options will be opened by the shift key don’t end with file paths, however.

The fundamental send to the tool that appears as an option that when you right-click on file or folder is clean enough indeed, allows you to move the item soon to a handful of locations on your PC add it to a zip archive or sen it in an email or fax.

But it is just the tip of the iceberg! Hold the Shift key as you right-click a file or folder will add a total ton of new folder locations to the basic send to menu.

6. Alteration of send to the menu:

10 Secret Windows Tips


Tell me what is that? None of the stock sends to options offers the capability to mix up your files to the locations you usually use.

First, create shortcuts to the folder locations you are like to add the send to the menu by right-clicking them, then select Send to >Desktop. Once it is completed open windows explorer and type shell: send to location bar at the top go to enter. Then you will go to the location which holds your send to options; just pull and drop in the short cuts to the folders you want to add the tool.

Remove the past:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      10 Secret Windows Tips

When you are combining the files willy –nilly, you are clear to unintentionally drop one in the wrong folder-or almost more irritating, badly creates the copies of slide files rather than simply pulling them to a new location.

Rather than trying to path that lost file down or manually erase the copies of the legion, beat out the universal get out of jail free card that a bit surprisingly, also works within Windows proper: ctrl+z. The keyboard shortcut deletes your last activity, reinstate order when chaos suddenly appears. Ctrl+v and Ctrl+c are used for paste and copying respectively. Also works properly within the Windows.

  1. Insert Mouse –Friendly check boxes to the icons:

10 Secret Windows Tips


For every socially inept person who swears by keyboard shortcuts, there many users who depend on their mice. By activating icon checkboxes you can select multiple files to manage at the same time, without holding the Ctrl button as you click each one.

… Until you add checkboxes to Windows icons i.e.., Windows 7 type folder options into the start menu search bar. Next, open the “view” tab in the window that shows and makes sure whether the “Use check boxes to select items” is checked. In Windows 8 open the windows explorer and then “ view” tab and check the item check boxes box in the show /hide the window.

  1. Aero Snap desktop windows:

10 Secret Windows Tips

The most aspect of Windows 8’s touch-friendly side is its capability to “ snap” many opened apps side by side. The feature comes in very neat on the desktop and also if you need to multitasking. Simply click on the open window and pull it to the left or right edge of the screen manually resize it to fill the half of the desktop. Pulling a window to the top edge increases it to full screen.

If you are more into keyboard commands, windows key+ left arrow, Windows key+ right arrow and Windows key + up arrow break the selected window in the same manner.

10.Window’s  powerful infrequently used tools:

10 Secret Windows Tips

Many people use the start menu for searching windows or window’s 8start type to search start screen. But for most granular results try the search box in the upper corner of windows explorer.

The latest search tools let you add fancy filters, from the date and file type is Boolean operands. This Microsoft page presents such type of full list commands in windows7. In Windows 8 you will find same functionality in the search tools section of the file explorers of Ribbon UI.

You can create a shortcut to a custom search by simply pulling the enlarging-glass icon in the File Explorer location bar to the preferred location. Clicking it will always give the latest results.

These are the given easy windows tips and tricks for Windows users to save their time in an easy manner.


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