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Google Chrome

Google Chrome has stood as the most popular web browsers in the world. Google Chrome has kept away, the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox from the users. This is not the destination for any web browser that it can’t be improved anymore. Yes! It can be made even better than what it is currently.

Innovative developers have worked out to make Google more productive and even more fun. They have built many extensions and programs to get a plethora of activities done. Like, you can save any tutorial or article for a later use, saving money, learning new languages, and many other things.

The best thing about this is that they don’t need the user to give any extra input for those activities to get them done. We acquire them automatically after getting into a particular activity. All these will let you change the way to use the Internet. You might not be thought that the Internet could be used in even these ways.

Here is a list of 13 Google Chrome extensions and apps to help you streamline your browser. They even prove that some of the things you thought may be impossible are actually possible. Here we go with the Google Chrome hacks.

1. Pocket – Always have something to read:


A Pocket is an easy way to save articles and tutorials that you wish to read in a later period of time. This can be done with your smartphone, tablet or laptop or even desktop. This will be the most of its use when you don’t have enough time to read an article or go to a website right then. So you can save them in the Pocket. You can access this from anywhere and with any device.

2. Honey – Become a Coupon Pro:

Honey for coupons

Honey is a Chrome-based extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes to your cart while shopping online. It’s just a click ahead to save your money. It gets you free cash back at thousands of stores. It’s basically free money. It brings the best deal while automatically comparing every seller in the Amazon marketplace.

3. Language Immersion – Learn new languages while surfing:

Language Immersion

Language Immersion is an ingenious Chrome Extension that tries to simulate what it’s like to be immersed in a foreign language. It works by switching random words and phrases from English to a language of your choice. They can also be put back to English with just a click. This allows you to passively practice your new language while doing other things simultaneously.

4. Panic button – Hide all your tabs in a flash:

Panic Button

Panic Button is a Chrome extension that lets you hide all your tabs with just a click. If you wish no one (other than you) to see what you are looking for on your computer, you need not quit from the Chrome. Just click on the Panic button. There are two useful things with this panic button. First, it’s less sketchy that someone seeing your browser quickly shutting down. Second, you need not worry about where it has saved the tabs. It saves the sites you were on in a separate little folder. When the coast is clear, you can just restore them and get back to where you have stopped.

5. Google Mail Checker – Always keeps you updated to your inbox:

Google Mail Checker

Google mail checker requires a little or almost no efforts for those who send and receive emails on a daily basis. It is a simple Chrome extension that keeps you always updated by notifying you whenever there is a mail received to your inbox. You need not click on any buttons or check always. It automatically sends you notification for unread messages in the mail inbox.

6. Adblock Plus – Keep away from disturbing ads:

AdBlock Plus

Adblock plus is an excellent and important extension that removes the annoying things while browsing the web. That may show a slight difference but visit some sites that tend to be bogged down, especially with pop-ups, can be liberating. But if you choose to use it, make sure to “whitelist” sites you feel don’t have an intrusive ad experience, especially those who make their money from advertising revenue.

What if you don’t have Chrome installed on your computer? Instead, you have Firefox, Opera, and Safari. No worries, AdBlock also works with Firefox, Opera, and Safari too.

7. OneTab – Keeps track of too many tabs open:


OneTab is a very useful extension for those who keeps a lot of tabs open. If you begin to feel overwhelmed with all the tabs open, OneTab will be the ultimate solution. It takes all the tabs and turns them into a list, keeping them organized by date. This, in another way, frees up your computer’s memory for other doing things. It also reduces the tab clutter in Google Chrome.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop – Can easily access any desktops:

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop can be used to access other computers and desktops. The main thing is you need to leave your desk to access other computers. This extension allows you to remotely get access to them. All you need is to install a Chrome Remote Desktop BETA app. This app will help you do all the things you want to get with other computers.

9. Search by Image – Identify any sort of images:

Search by Image

Search by Image is a Chrome extension which is used to identify pictures that you come across online. Search by image is nothing else than Google images. It lets you start a Google search from any image you see on the web. Mostly, this extension can be useful for identifying an unknown location or landmark.

10. Simple Blocker – Keeps you focused when needed:

Simple Blocker

Simple Blocker is for those who easily get distracted by Facebook and Twitter. This Chrome extension allows you to block access to certain domains for a given period of time. It was designed particularly, keeping in mind, for students.

11. Chrome To Mobile – Take all your work with you:

Chrome to Mobile

Chrome to mobile is an extension that will help you take along with you everything you are working on with. You can take live web pages and it also replicates the desktop browser experience on your smartphone. So, you can always be along with your work with the Chrome to Mobile extension.

12. MightyText – Text your friends without your phone:


MightyText allows you to text your friends without any need to constantly reach for your phone. You can send texts from a computer to other phones. This Chrome extension gives you a notification whenever you receive a message to your mobile. If your mobile is not anywhere in your surroundings or far from the place you are sitting, you can use MightyText with your desktop. MighttyText was the first and easy way to communicate from your computer to Android phones.

13. Grammarly – Avoids simple mistakes done while writing:


We usually commit mistakes while typing. It’s not that we find all the typos in our writing. What if there was a typo in an important email. And unfortunately,  you came to see that error after sending the email. There’s nothing to do after the email is sent. But not absolutely. Grammarly will do. It will notify the mistakes while writing. You can correct them on the go. Not only in email writing, it can be used in all the works you do with writing on your computer. For instance, Facebook messaging, and everything else. So, I’m sure there won’t be any mistakes. Thanks to Grammarly.

These are the 13 Google Chrome hacks and extensions which will help in performing better. Make use of all the extensions for better and the best results even.

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