Cool and hidden features of smartphone

We at Wikimonks understand that various daily tasks can be made much easier if you understand a few tricks when handling your smartphone with smart apps. Today we present a list of some of these awesome smartphone features!

1. Save the Phone and Memory Card Space

Save the phone memory

Most of us use phone storage or memory card to store our memorable photos and videos, important documents. Some will use online cloud storage like Dropbox, Google drive, iCloud etc. But there is another cool way, just upload all your photos, videos and data to Telegram Messenger. Send texts, links and any files to yourself and the best part is you can use it as cloud storage as well notepad.

2. CCTV with your Old Smartphone

CCTV Security Cam with your Smartphone

By using your old smartphone you can create simple CCTV security cam for your home. To do this you should use “Motion Detector Pro” app from Google Play Store. This app will turn your old smartphone into a CCTV security cam which snaps pictures when someone came into the frame and send it to you instantly.

3. Send Message to your Lock Screen, When your phone is lost

Lock screen message

If you have lost your phone and your screen is locked with pin security or fingerprint, still you can send a message to your lock screen with the new Android feature. For instance, you ask the phone holder to call to a particular number or you can send any custom message to the lost phone’s lock screen.

To do this, Tap on Settings → “Lock Screen and Security” → “Lock Screen Signature” → Now type your backup email address or phone number.

4. Lock screen message is not enough

Anti Theft app in Smartphone

You can use any anti theft app which can delete all the data in the phone, activate mic, even take pictures and locate it through GPS or even you can make the phone alarm with loud sound. We suggest you the best anti theft app Cerberus and its one of the anti theft in the market. You can use any anti theft app to do those tasks.

5. Turn your Camera into UV Camera

To do this, you a scotch tape, marker or purple sketch. Stick a piece of tape on your smartphone’s flash light and color it with a purple marker and stick two more layers and repeat the process same way. Your UV cam is ready now. You can see this video to learn how to do it. You can use the UV light to check your bathroom stains and even check the authenticity of your cash notes.

6. A scanner that’s always at hand

Turn your smartphone into a scanner

This app “cam scanner” will allow you to scan any document with your phone camera. Not only scanning it will save to cloud storage and also it will send it to your recipient.

7. Do Google Search with Photos

With an app from Google called “Google Goggles”, you can do google search visually. Just open that app and take a photo of the object to be searched and click on search it will bring you all the search result of that object.

How to use Google Goggles

Not only that, if you take a snap of your business card, it will automatically scan the card for name, address, email and phone number. And an option will pop up to add in contacts or call the phone number.

8. Use Smartphone Like a Pro

Use Smartphone Like a Pro

If you use your smartphone most of the time, you can change your settings to developer mode and use it like a pro.

To do this Goto Settings → About the phone → Tap seven times on your model number. Well done! Now you are using your phone in developer mode. With Developer mode, you can improve your signal quality, mobile display appearance, performance and much more.

9. Enable Multiple Windows

Enable Multi Window Smartphone features

Want to chat with friends in WhatsApp and read your emails without switching to multiple windows? No problem enable multi window mode. To do this, open the right app, and hold the task list key (to the right of the “Home” button). Unfortunately, not every smartphone is able to work in this mode.

10. Smartphone for Your Small Construction Company

Smartphone construction level

Most of the smartphone has a gyro sensor and an accelerometer. Both will allow you to find the position of that device. You can download the app “Bubble Level” ( Google Play / Apple Store ) which will replace level measuring device in your company. But using real gauges for a professional construction.

11. Interesting Battery Usage Status

Battery Usage Status

To track the battery usage by apps, you can follow these simple steps.

For Android, you can download this app “Instant” which will track your app usage and time spent on it.

For iOS, simply tap on settings → Battery and you can tap “last 24 hours” or “last 7 days” tab to find apps battery usage and time spent on it.

12. Save Battery and your Eyesight

Monochrome Mode Save your Battery

You can turn your smartphone display into monochrome display while reading news, blog or articles. To do this, first turn your phone into developer mode → Simulate anomaly → Switch to Monochrome mode on. Now your smartphone will turn the display to black and white.

13. Turning your smartphone into a digital scale

Turning your smartphone into a digital scale

Working Scale Free” app will be useful to weigh small objects at your home like weight groceries before cooking. This app replaces your digital weigh scale at your home.

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