Some of the Essential Windows Apps to Make Life Easy

We spend most of our time in front of the screens, no matter whatever the reason be? No matter if it is for work or entertainment.We have put here a list of 12 important Windows apps to begin 2016 on the right note. We are sure that this list of apps will help you out to make your work life simpler and add some of these to the list of your favourite apps and, bring you down after a very hard day and also to know about some of the aspects like the day’s weather and news reports.

To Make Your Workday Easier With Windows App

1. f.lux: Eye Care

Working on your computer for late nights should not be one of the reasons to get your eyes ruined. It is now likely possible to make you feel comfort and engaged by adapting the colours of your computer’s display to the time of day with the help of the popularly known, Macs, f.lux.

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But, f.lux must know where you live, the kind of lighting that you have and then forget about it. The rest will be overtaken by the app.

2. Notes & Data Collection Using Microsoft OneNote

If you’ve already used Windows, you most probably know how to use Microsoft OneNote, a collaboration tool that gets better with the release of every new product.

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You can track the data through notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries with the help of Microsoft OneNote. Best of all, this application can be made to work across multiple stages, so as to make your list to sync and also be available whenever you need them.

3. Conference Calls With Skype

One of the most popular applications of Microsoft is Skype for Windows as it features voice calls, instant messaging, and not only one-on-one but also group videos calls for up to 25 participants.

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Skype-to-Skype calls are made free of cost, whereas calls to landlines and mobile devices such as cell phones, Laptops are available if Skype credits are bought or sign up for a monthly subscription plan. You can select one from a huge alternative collection of VoIP services such as Google Hangouts If you Don’t like Skype.

4. To-Do List & Tasks using Wanderlust

In 2015, Redesigned for Windows 10, this latest task management application which is a cloud-based application was acquired by Microsoft.

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Now, Wunderlist provides features like impressive themes and backgrounds by offering Microsoft Cortana support. For the consideration of Microsoft, we expect more from Wunderlist in 2016.

5. PDF Viewer with Drawboard PDF

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Drawboard PDF viewer has the capability to offers integrated annotation which lets you read and create free-form markups, and if you are tired of printing out paper copies of articles, then this will be an excellent option.

6. Desktop Organization through Stardock Fences

You can build up your cluttered desktop, with Stardock Fences, by splitting files and app icons into shaded groups. Other features like the ability to swipe between a number of pages of fences, show or hide icons by double clicking and to create a desktop portal from any folder are also included.

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The ability to change the colour and style of Fence backgrounds is one of the most vital features. This also includes the capacity to pull its tint, colour intensity, transparency and saturation.

7. Quick Notes by The Use of Sticky Notes Pro

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Instead of using a paper, the best way to remember everything is the use of Sticky Notes Pro. It is much better to use Sticky Notes Pro than Sticky Notes tool of Windows as it allows you to change the size and font of each note, select the colour and much more.

Catching Up on News and Weather

8. Flipboard Which is a Digital Newspaper

It won’t be even a bit difficult to search for news with Flipboard. Depending upon your own interests, Flipboard offers all the information and news and to navigate easily, it features a spontaneous and beautiful design.

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Flipboard makes it easier to know the most recent news, the latest scores of your favourite sports team and much more.

9. StumbleUpon: Entertainment

One click at a time, you can “invent the best of the web”, with StumbleUpon. You can enjoy watching videos, images, and web pages that are personalised for you.

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You can also rate the content by giving it a thumbs up or thumbs down. The more you rate an image, video or a website, better the recommendations you get.

10. Forecasts & Alerts by The Weather Channel

Don’t be caught off on what happens outside. This application determines the present forecasts and weather conditions, videos, news, and alerts.

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If the weather forecast shows the temperatures higher-than-normal and sunny sky, or a lot of snow, Then the Weather Channel has covered you.

When It’s Time to Relax

11. iHeartRadio: Custom & Broadcast Stations

iHeartRadio helps you to listen to music free from the Internet. You can also have access to a number of custom and broadcast radio stations with iHeartRadio. Even a station can be created to call your own, depending on the list of your most wanted songs.

At present, iHeartRadio offers a plenty of platforms such as the web, mobile phones and home entertainment for the music streaming services.

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12. Netflix: Movies & TV Shows

In Windows 10 application,Netflix, at last, arrived at the end of 2015. Taking complete advantage of universal app platforms of Microsoft, Netflix makes it simple to search your favourite TV shows and movies for Windows 10 which offers full integration with Cortana.

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Netflix is available on a number of stages and features some of the best-rated TV shows and movies released in the past 50 years. It also plays an important role for the original programs such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil.

Which of the Above is in Your Favourites?

One of my ever favorite apps for Windows is Wunderlist, that helps me to keep my work on track. Netflix is also an app that I access a number of times in a week, but to relax after a crazy day. There is no chance to go wrong with any of the above listed Windows apps.

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