When it comes to delighting your customers and keeping your expenses low, there are numerous factors for hospitality companies to think about. Whether you are running your own café, coffee shop or a pop-up restaurant, you must ensure that you have the right supplies. After all, even something small as a coffee cup could impact your brand.

coffee takeaway cups

A delicious cup of coffee with an attractive design can showcase your professionalism to your customers. In fact, a great coffee up could even improve your brand image and reach, thanks to the power of social media.

Now, the question remains how to buy coffee takeaway cups online in bulk for your business?

1. Concentrate on Comfort

Takeaway cups don’t come with an in-built handle. That means you have to find another way for your customers to carry hot coffee comfortably. The design of the coffee cups should use textured paper and that paper should be able to distribute heat across customers’ hands evenly. Ripple wall or double-wall cups give your customers the support of a cardboard sleeve, without covering the brand name.

Don’t overlook the bottom of the cup in search of insulated cups. The bottom should be double poly-coated to ensure that the coffee doesn’t begin to leak over time.

2. Choose Someone Who Can Deliver Fast

When you first launch your business, you don’t mind waiting for your coffee cups. After all, if you get enough supplies, you should have resources to last you a while as your brand evolves. Of, course, as your organization grows, and the demand for your coffee increases, you need to ensure that the company from which you order can deliver the cups in time.

3. Stock a Range of Sizes

Coffee cups come in a selection of different shapes and sizes. You can easily find solutions all the way from miniature espresso cups to an extra-large coffee. If you want to give your customers the satisfaction that comes with variety, make sure that you invest in numerous sizes.

The best way to make sure that you offer the right selection of sizes is by going through your coffee menu to determine what type of drinks you plan on selling.

4. Show Off Your Style

It is important to have your brand name and logo printed on the coffee cups. The right design helps raise awareness for your company and improves your brand reach. The nature of takeaway coffee means that these accessories are exposed to a wide range of people. Whenever a customer buys your coffee in a takeaway cup, they draw the countless eyes to your business name. So, make sure to extra time thinking about the right name, logo, and design.

When designing your coffee cup, make sure that your logo stands out clearly on the material you chose. For example, you will need a unique design to ensure that images show up clearly on a rippled cup.

5. Be Eco-Friendly

According to a report, it is found that a third of customers prefer to buy items from sustainable brands. It is best to put some efforts into showing off your eco-friendly side could be a great way to generate loyalty in your customers.

Which Type of Cup Do You Need?

Now, that you know how to find a coffee cup, it is time to choose what type of coffee cup you need for your business.

Many distributors offer a range of different coffee cups to choose from, all with their own distinct benefits and functions. So, which cup is best for your business?

The Single Wall Coffee Cup

The single wall coffee cup is the least expensive and most common type of takeaway cup used in a hospitality brand. These cups are made using a single layer of paperboard, and they are best suited for cold beverages. You can use these cups with hot beverages as well, but you will need an insulated brand sleeve for your customers for safety.

The Double Wall Coffee Cup

As the name suggests, a doubled wall coffee cup uses two layers of paperboard to give users much needed protection and insulation. By opting for a double layer cup, you reduce the need for sleeves when serving hot beverages to the customers.

The Ripple Coffee Cup

The ripple cup is designed to keep the heat inside the beverage container, providing a higher level of insulation than a double wall coffee cup. The outer layering ensures that the finger can enjoy a better and comfortable grip on the cup. These cups are useful when a customer is carrying more than one drink.

The Recyclable Coffee Cup

As companies are putting more efforts into becoming eco-friendly, many manufactures are beginning to produce coffee cups that are compostable and recyclable. These cups are lined with PLA, which makes them reusable.

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