Technology Updates

Technology updates

There are a few Technology updates that everyone should know. Knowing this seems like you are updated with the technology. Go through the following and know the 10 things about technology.

1. The Biggest hint about Apple’s upcoming iPhone:

The Apple’s upcoming iPhone will have wireless charging. Apple joined Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), an industry group that develops a wireless charging standard. This standard is widely used in a few smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

2. Disney has dropped PewDiePie:

PewDiePie is the world’s highest earning YouTube star, after a series that features anti-Semitic videos. PewDiePie, a Swedish comedian is known for his foul-mouthed gaming videos. These videos left him with net 53 million subscribers and made $15 million in 2016. A spokesperson for Maker Studio said that some resulting videos are inappropriate.

3. A newly filed lawsuit alleges that a former Magic Leap VP is a hostile working place for women:

The former VP of Magic Leap, Tannen Campbell said that some of the startup’s promotional videos were alternate facts. And it has a complaint.

4. Apple stock hits an all-time high after USB analyst says the company is undervalued:

Apple stock hits an all-time high of $133.82, up 1.3% yesterday after USB analyst Steven Milunovich said that the company is undervalued. According to him, management has emphasized the importance of service last year. If Apple services were valued as the PayPal’s, then the stock would be at least 10% higher.

5. Uber rival Grab to buy online payment startup for over $100 million:

Grab is likely to announce a deal to buy Indonesian online payment startup Kudo for over $100 million. This deal will help the company expansion to new countries in Asia.

6. The Bitcoin dives below $1,000:

The price of Bitcoin is again below $1,000. Overnight selling pushed the cryptocurrency down  1.1%, or $11, to $989 a coin.

7. Apple suspends sales of its new LG 5K monitor:

The sales of the latest LG 5K monitor has been suspended because of the hardware issues. Apple Store employees are ordered to continue to display the LG monitors on the showroom floor. But the sales is strictly restricted.

8. Sonos speakers are about to get 25% more expensive:

Sonos has become the latest technology company to announce the significant increase in the price of the products. Some of the company’s products are raising their price up to 25% for the British customers. This is all because of the collapse in GBP induced by the Brexit vote.

9. Prince’s Warner recordings are finally available in streaming services:

Prince’s iconic Warner recordings are available in streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music Unlimited. The album was released with the Grammy Awards.

10. Apple released the first trailer for its “Carpool Karaoke” series during the Grammy Awards:

The trailer shows stars such as James Corden, Will Smith, and Metallica. Apple bought the rights to “Carpool Karaoke” from James Corden’s “Late Late Show” last year.

Well, these are the Technology updates until now and stay with us to know more about the latest Tech launches and updates.

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