Facts About Human Body

fact about our body


We know a number of facts about the human body that we believe that they are true. These facts are the one which we have studies in our childhood or taught by our elders. We don’t actually know which is fact and which is a myth. Here are 10 facts about our body that turned out to be myths.

1. Vitamin pills keep us healthy:

Vitamin pills keep us healthy

Do you think that one tablet can keep our body fit and healthy? Absolutely no! These vitamin pills can only regulate processes in our body. We should be careful while taking Vitamin in the form of tablets. An excessive amount of these tablets can cause harm to our body instead of keeping us healthy. But we believed that Vitamin pills let us maintain our health in a good condition.

2. Deoxygenated blood is blue in color:

blood is blue in color

We have studied in school that the blood that lacks oxygen is pumped to the veins towards the heart. To emphasize the deoxygenated blood contrast with oxygenated blood, it was colored blue in our textbooks. And the veins that you can see through your skin seems blue because the light shining on them gets reflected. Not that the deoxygenated blood is blue in color.

3. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar:

Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar

Actually, there is no difference between white sugar and brown sugar. They just differ in terms of the use of molasses which is the reason why it holds a dark color. Then why do we think that brown sugar is healthier than white sugar? Because brown sugar is not as sweet as white sugar since it doesn’t contain a large amount of water in it.

4. Alcohol kills brain cells:

Alcohol kills brain cells

A large amount of alcohol affects the metabolic process in our body. It may also lead to a deficit of oxygen. This can harm the connection between brain cells. It doesn’t do anything to the cells themselves.

5. Sugar makes children hyperactive:

Sugar makes children hyperactive

It’s just a myth that sugar can make anyone hyperactive. Since sugar contains calories and calories give energy to our body. And when children eat more chocolates and sweets, they feel more energized because of the calories in that sweet. Moreover, remember that more sweet is harmful to our teeth.

6. Nerve cells don’t regenerate:

Nerve cells don't regenerate

The death of nerve cells is constant and is a natural process. New cells appear in different parts of the brain while the existing ones die. When a person feels stressed, the chemicals make these cells function and interact with each other. Instead, these cells don’t interact with the actual nerve cell.

7. The left hemisphere of the brain is meant for creativity and the right is for logic:

The left and the right hemisphere of the brain is separately divided for different functions. Scientists have proved that most of the people have only one side of the brain developed more than the other. But the fact is that several parts of the brain function as a collective source of creativity which is located in both rights and left hemisphere.

8. Eight hours of sleep at night is good for health:

Eight hours of sleep at night is good for health

Generally, we say that eight hours of sleep at night is required for our body to maintain good health. But this won’t suit for all the people. Some people can be energized even if they sleep for five hours. Whereas some others feel exhausted even after nine hours of sleep at night. So it depends on the individual to calculate their sleep period at night times.

9. Antibiotic kills viruses:

Antibiotic kills viruses

For almost every pain or problem in our body, doctors prescribe antibiotics so that the bacteria in our body can be killed. In fact, Antibiotics kill only bacteria. There are some cases which don’t have any effect on the cause with the use of antibiotic. For instance, influenza caused by viruses don’t react to antibiotics.

10. Eating more chocolate gives blackheads:

Eating more chocolate gives blackheads

Scientists have tested by give some people dozens of bars that contain more times of chocolate than normal. After the research they found no difference in the number of blackheads before and after eating the bars. So, it can be said that chocolate don’t have any effect on the blackheads.

These are the facts about human body that were actually proved to be myths.

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