Features In Windows 10

Features in Windows 10

If you are a new to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, then you would like to know the best features in Windows 10. But from where will you grab is the question. Don’t worry! So here are we to let you know some of the best and exciting features in Windows 10 OS.

Hope you will find this easy to get through to know what you need on the Windows 10 PC.

1. The Start Menu:

Windows 10

The Windows 10 has brought back the start menu as it wasn’t there in its previous version, Windows 8. The start menu was replaced in the same old position, in the lower left-hand corner of the window. The start menu is bringing in a dash of the Metro start screen’s functionality. It spreads the Live Tiles of Windows 8-style apps next to shortcuts to more traditional PC software.

If you wish, you can turn off the Live Tile functionality app. You can even unpin all the Metro apps from the start menu. You can have the Start menu to expand to full-screen. Or you can even resize the Metro apps which will get you an experience of a Window 8 OS.

The File Manager, Power, and Settings options are shifted into the Start Menu along with the “All Apps”. This All Apps lists all the apps in an alphabetical order under the new and most used apps.

2. Cortana:

Cortana in Windows 10

Cortana, Microsoft’s clever digital Assistant, is now available on the PC as in the Windows Phone 8.1. You can ask questions about the weather forecast, pop stars, and can set reminders, get directions to home, and much more. You can also turn on or off the Windows settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Cortana. Cortana will access your personal information and use that info along with your Bing-powered cloud smarts. This will intelligently surface the information you are looking for and perform other helpful tasks.You can click on Cortana and give voice commands to get started with this.

3. Virtual Desktop:

Virtual Desktop in Windows 10

Now that virtual desktops have finally come to Windows, you can spread out your apps across multiple screens. The taskbar and the desktop shortcuts remain consistent over all of them. Click the Task View button on the taskbar or press Windows key+Tab” to bring up an overview of your desktops. You can also add new ones or remove existing ones.

4. Fingerprint security:

Fingerprint security in Windows 10

This is a part of the Windows Hello biometric platform. Whether you can make use of it or not depends on the make and model of computer you’re using Windows 10 on. The fingerprint sensing supports face recognition and even iris scanning. So if computer manufacturers are prepared to build this kind of kit into their systems then Microsoft’s new OS is able to support it.

5. Run Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft’s new stripped-down, streamlined browser is a Windows 10 exclusive. And you can’t run it on Windows 8 or the previous versions. Only Windows 10 users can take advantage of web page annotations, the clutter-free Reading View and Cortana search integration. Whether it’s enough to get rid of Chrome or Firefox as your browser-of-choice remains to be seen.

6. Action Center:

Action center in Windows 10

Action center brings back the notifications with the Windows 10. As the notifications slide into view, they’re archived here. Those notifications were listed in a simple chronological order in the beginning of Windows 10 release. The Anniversary Update overhauled the interface to group notifications by app. The Action Center also provides quick-action buttons for common functions. The functions include activating Bluetooth or connecting to a VPN, and an option for shifting the interface to Tablet Mode.

The notification tracking carries over to the main Windows taskbar, too. Any Windows Store apps pinned to it will display a circular icon with the number of unread notifications when applicable. Whereas the Action Center icon will show your total number of unread notifications.

7. Xbox app:

Xbox app in Windows 10

The main and important factor in Xbox app is Activity Feed. This is populated by your Xbox Live Friends’ activities. Unlocking an achievement or launching a Twitch stream are some of the activities. The right side of the app lists your friends. When you select one on the list, it offers options to view their game clips, invite them to a party, send an IM, and more. You can also view your own achievements, manage your profile within the app. You can even stream your Xbox One games to a Windows 10 PC or tablet. The Anniversary Update adds a dedicated hub for Windows 10 PC games in the Xbox app.

8. Continuum:

continuum in Windows 10

The operating system includes one of the features in Windows 10 called “Continuum”. This dynamically switches the interface between the PC-friendly desktop and a Windows 8 mode. Windows tablets will default to the latter and PCs to the former. Hybrids will intelligently switch between the two modes depending on the keyboard being attached if you use one.

In tablet mode, the Start menu expands to fit the full screen, as Windows apps do. If you’d like to force a switch, the new Action Center has a dedicated “Tablet Mode” button that you can enable or disable accordingly.

9. Windows Ink:

Windows Ink in Windows 10

The Anniversary Update also introduced a new feature to the Windows 10 called Windows Ink. Clicking the button on your stylus or pressing the new pen icon in the taskbar pulls up the new Windows Ink dashboard. The dashboard includes a trio of native new inking apps, displays any inking apps you’ve recently used. It even makes suggestions for stylus-supporting apps which you enjoy. In the future, Windows Ink will even be able to do your math homework.

10. Analyze the Storage space on your PC:

Storage space analysis in Windows 10

If you need to have a look at the layout of files and drives on your old Windows 10, you need to get a third-party application involved. Now, with the updated Windows 10, there isn’t any need to bring the third-party application. Type “storage” in the taskbar search box, click on the “Storage space”. This will let the know which file type is taking up how much space on the hard drive.

These are the best 10 updated features in Windows 10. This will help the new users of the Windows 10 PC.

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