Things Done With YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. Though, there are many websites like the YouTube which support watching videos, creating our own channels, posting videos, and much more. But YouTube stood on the top of the list. Every video, tutorial, comedy sketches, and everything find their way onto YouTube videos eventually.

There are some videos which have millions and millions of views. Even some videos have surpassed two billion views on the YouTube. There are a number of other things which you can do with YouTube. These hacks will make your viewing experience even more interesting and enjoyable.

Let’s get to know the YouTube hacks to improve and increase the viewers’ attention towards YouTube.

1. Make GIFs:

GIFs is a funny way to deliver quick and some fun line via social media or any messaging apps like Whatsapp and hike. Do you know how to make GIFs on your own for any videos which you have or see on YouTube? It’s not so difficult as such. GIFs can be simply made with the normal videos you watch.

Youtube Make GIFs

  1. Go to GIF maker page from GIPHY.
  2. Copy the link of any video (which you want to make GIF) from YouTube.
  3. After the video has loaded on GIPHY, enter the point of the video where you’d like the GIF to start, and how many seconds you would like it to last. First, enter these manually, and then use the convenient slider tools to set up the perfect beginning and end points.
  4. After the clip is created, you can add meme- or caption-like text across the bottom of the screen.
  5. Then click “Create GIF,” and you’re now done with creating a GIF.

2. Find Easter Eggs:


As we can do some funny things with the Google toolbar, YouTube does the same. It has many tricks (also called as Easter Eggs) which can be used to make the website look differently.

  1. “Doge meme” is one of the best and well-known Easter eggs in the YouTube search bar. This gives the website a new and more colorful style to all the pages.
  2. Not only this, type “do the Harlem shake” in the search bar and press Enter. First, the YouTube logo starts to shake followed by the total page. It will continue to shake until you click the pause button icon that appears next to the YouTube Logo in the upper left corner. You can see the website shaking before your eyes.

3. Use Videos for Karaoke:


Many of us already sing along with our favorite music videos while playing on YouTube, and now there’s a more efficient way to do so. This one which is called as “Karaoke-style”.

If you’re using the Chrome web browser, install the free Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube extension. The extension uses Musixmatch’s extensive catalog of song lyrics and syncs them to YouTube videos in time with the music.

4. Share Videos from a Specific Time of the video:


This is one of the simplest tricks but is the most useful one. If you want to share a video with a friend. And you want to start the video from a particular point of time. It’s simple to play the video from a specific time you want. Simply play the video and pause it where you would like to start the video from. Then, right-click on the video and select “copy video URL at current time.”

You’re done! Now you can paste the copied URL wherever you want. While clicking on the copied link will take you to the video and it will begin to play from the saved point.

5. Add a Watermark to Your Videos:

You would like to upload your own video to your YouTube account and also personalize them with your own watermark. Yes, you can. It’s easy too. This can be simply done on YouTube itself.

  1. First, click on your account icon in the upper right corner and tap on “Creator Studio”.
  2. Select “Channel” on the menu that appears on the left side of the screen and then “Branding”.
  3. After this, click “Add Watermark” which will take you to a screen where you can upload a file you have saved on your computer.

6. Add Clickable Image Cards to Your Videos:

Click on your account icon and go to “Creator Studio”. Click on the uploaded video to which you wish to add the image and click on “Edit”. Then click on “Annotations,” and select the place where you want the image to appear and the point in the video. Make sure that you include the image in the video before uploading it to YouTube.

Also be sure that you enable your account for external annotations. Click on “Add Annotations” and select the “Spotlight” option. Drag the box around the image you’d like to be clickable. Then click “Link”. Finally, add the URL of the site you’d like to link to. This strategy will drive more traffic to your videos on YouTube.

7. Use YouTube TV Mode for Large Displays:


Sometimes we feel bored and might not be interested in watching YouTube videos on small screens. Rather, you’d like to play videos from YouTube on a screen larger than a smartphone or tablet. In such cases, the handy YouTube TV mode will help the most. No matter if you’re streaming videos on your smart TV or projecting them onto a wall, switching to this TV mode will keep your video quality from looking grainy or low-quality. This will let you know the distance to sit away from the screen.

8. Add Audio and Visual Effects to Your Videos:

First, select the video that you would like to edit from the Video Manager. After selecting the video, simply click on the “Edit” option and then select “Audio” to adjust the audio of the video clip. There are various audio editing options which YouTube offers for you to try out with. Again, click on “Edit” and this time select “Enhancements” for visual effects. Here, you’ll have a huge number of video editing options, such as lighting, saturation, and contrast. All these options will help you play (edit) with the videos as you like. It includes to speed up or slow down your videos.

9. Identify Music in YouTube Videos:


Sometimes we will be attracted more by the background music while listening to audio or watching any YouTube videos. And we would like to learn more about the background music instead of the main track. For this, all you need to do is paste the video URL in the bar on the MooMash site and click on start to get you with the background music or the video.

After a few seconds, the site will tell you which pieces of music appear in the video in question and at what point in the video they play.

10. Slow Down (or Speed Up) Videos:


One of the great uses for YouTube is learning how to do certain things via tutorial videos. While these videos are often helpful, they can sometimes be hard to keep up with. In such a situation, YouTube has a built-in feature that will help you watch the video slowly. Click on the “Settings” icon that appears at the bottom-right of the video, and then select “Speed”. Here you can slow the video down to either 50% or 25% of its original speed.

At the same time, if you feel the video is going too slow, you can use the same “Speed” option to make it run up faster than the normal speed.

We use YouTube to watch the video which is already a great thing about the website. But these are the tricks which will enhance your experience in watching the YouTube videos more efficiently and conveniently. Hope, this will be helpful for you while watching videos on YouTube.

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