Sewage lines

Sewage lines can pose big problems if it gets damaged. Plumbing systems are as good as we make of it because damages to sewer lines can happen due to careless dumping of materials in the drain lines. It is no exception for sewer lines that form a major part of the plumbing system. Moreover, climatic conditions like heavy rainfall can pose problems for sewer lines. This can happen even if the pipes are in good condition and it might require the services of trained plumbers you find at to set things right.

If you find that the water accumulates in the drains, it is a sign that something is wrong with the drainage system. Again, if you get a foul smell from around the house or in the basement, the sewer lines might be leaking. If you observe any signs of sewer back up, you must act fast because spillage of sewer water can be harmful to health.

The sooner you detect sewer problems, the better it is, but often it might not be easy. Only if you have an idea about what causes damage to sewer lines and what problems one usually might face, you can make out from the signs that it is time for sewer repair.

Clogging of drains and sewer lines

Debris and dirt collection in the sewer lines is the main reason for clogging. While the problem is more in the outdoors, it happens indoors too because toilet paper, hair, grease, aft, etc. all find its way through the drains many of which connect to the sewer lines. While part of the process of debris going to the drain happens naturally, most of it is due to abuse of the drainage system as we mindlessly send things down the drain without thinking about the consequences. If you observe backup in the toilet, sink or single tub, it is a sign that there is a problem with the sewer line. However, if the problem occurs across the drain points, it could be clogging of the main sewer line.

Broken sewer lines

The life of sewer lines depends on the pipe material, which if strong and durable will not damage easily. Cleaning sewers with a cleaning snake can damage the walls of the pipe if it is too old. In some places, sewer pipes are made of cast iron or clay, both of which can turn brittle, crack and warp and finally break. It is one of the most common reasons for sewage backup in basements. Sewage lines might break or crack due to sudden temperature changes.

Tree roots damage sewer lines

Trees might be adding beauty to the environs of your home, but it could also be damaging the sewer lines. Even if there are no trees nearby, still the roots can extend up to thesewer lines and damage it. It can create holes in sewer pipes that start leaking.

Reducing clogging can go a long way to prevent damages to sewer lines. Timely action will help to avoid bigger problems.